Whenever a TV series is being made, the main goal of the team behind it is not only to make a popular show, but also one with critical acclaim. This is an elusive goal with fan opinion being famously fickle and continued critical acclaim over several seasons being almost impossible to achieve. But some shows have managed to achieve both critical acclaim and fan appreciation throughout their run. They include the following.

The Office (US Version)

The Office is presented as a documentary following the goings-on in the Dunder Mifflin paper company. The series is critically praised for its excellent writing, talented cast and innovative plot directions. Performances by Steve Carrel (as the bumbling boss, Michael Scott), Rainn Wilson (as the neurotic Dwight Schrute) and Jenna Fischer (as the lovable receptionist, Pam) are credited with making the series so popular.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is considered by many to be the best TV series of all time. In fact, it has the distinction of being the highest-rated show on the rotten tomatoes review site. It follows the life of the unassuming high-school chemistry teacher, Walter White, as he rises into becoming a ruthless and feared drug kingpin. It is particularly praised not only for its engaging story but also the stellar performances of the supporting cast.

The Wire

Unlike other entries in this article, The Wire wasn’t quite popular during its run. Its ratings were not that good, and it won no major awards. It is considered a TV series that was ahead of its time, gaining its cult following years after being off-air. Its cult status was cemented when President Obama stated that it was his favourite show of all time. It is based in Baltimore, and it chronicles the city’s corrupt systems ranging from the police force, the port authority, and the political system. It is praised for its realistic portrayal of how corrupt systems affect society.