The entertainment world has embraced the digital age, with online streaming fast becoming the world’s preferred method of consuming entertainment. From music to video games and video, fast internet connections and powerful computer and mobile devices have all contributed towards the popularity of online streaming.

This website will be concerned with the video streaming aspect, more specifically, the premium online video platforms. Consumers are ‘cutting the cord’ in droves, opting out of their pay-TV contracts and choosing to subscribe to online streaming services.

As with most emerging innovations that disrupt an industry, some sections of the market view online video streaming services with apprehension. The team’s main purpose is to ensure that all people are aware of the technology and systems behind online video streaming.

This website will also provide in-depth coverage of news affecting the industry as well as providing posts chronicling the development of the sector – from a historical standpoint.

Topics That Will be Covered by This website

This website will cover three main topics:

  • What subscription streaming services are, and how they work.
  • Available and upcoming online video subscription streaming services.
  • The movies and TV shows that are available (or under development) on the primary video subscription streaming services.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this website and the motivation behind its contributors is to provide information regarding video streaming services to the public. Content that will be found on this website includes profiles on the more popular video streaming platforms, how subscription streaming services work and historical analyses of online video streaming.